Read-a-thon Alert!

Remember the Dusty Bookshelf Challenge I told you about? Well, guess what? They’re hosting a read-a-thon.

This is just going to be a reallyreallyquick post telling you things you need to know, just in case you want to join. (Which you totally do, right? RIGHT?)

1. What is this Dusty Bookshelf Business?

Basically, you vow to give the neglected books on your shelf some much-needed love. Those books that you bought AGES ago but haven’t read yet? Oh, pshh, don’t bother denying it. We all have those. :)

In case you want a more concrete explanation – here‘s the original post. And here‘s the Goodreads group.

2. What’s a read-a-thon?

You typically set aside some time – in this case, it’s a weekend – and you dedicate that time to reading. Get rid of all unnecessary distractions, maybe grab a glass of wine, and settle in with your book of choice. Pretty much my idea of the perfect weekend.

3. How many books do I have to read? Do I have to take part for the entire 48 hours?

This is up to you, really. I’ve just decided on one book, as of now. The Knife of Never Letting Go. My reading speed will depend on the book – if it’s as good as everybody says it is, I might gobble up the other two in the series. If I feel like reading something different after I’m done with this, I might do that, too.

I’m planning to stay up all night – I thought that might make it more exciting. Let’s see how it goes! You can choose to spend as much or as little time as you want, as long as you’re actually dedicating the weekend to your reading. I know that depends on how flexible your schedule is and that’s why there are no fixed rules for this. Just relax, unwind, read.

Source: Belcastro Agency

4. Okay. I want to sign up! When is this happening? Is there anything else I should know?

We’re thinking of having this on maybe a monthly basis. Keeping it flexible so people who miss one can attend the next, you know? The first one is happening on the 24th and 25th of August. If you’re on Goodreads, the thread for this read-a-thon is here. If you’re going to be using Twitter to post your updates, use #DBReadathon.

While you’re at it, feel free to add me on Goodreads / find me on Twitter if you do decide to take part. Or even otherwise. I love book-conversations. :)

And that’s it. There aren’t any rules, really. Just pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for a really long time, talk to us about it/them, and most importantly – have fun reading!