The Yeti says a lot of things. Most of the time, he says things about books – he has very loud opinions on those – but sometimes, he’ll say an occasional thing or two about other things. Movies, maybe. Music. How empty his tummy is. Things like that.

The Yeti has also signed me up for the Fifty-Fifty Challenge this year, after he made sure I completed last year’s challenge. We track our progress on Goodreads and Pinterest, and if you happen to be a fellow Fifty-Fifty Me-er, we extend a fluffy paw in greeting. :)

We love recommendations and heated book debates, so feel free to throw those our way! Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “About

    • Oh, wow. Thank you so much for linking me to that! I really want to read them now, they look interesting.
      I love fairy tales. Especially the Angela Carter variety. :)

  1. So Tanya, thanks for stopping by, as always! Don’t worry about the late comment, I’m late too! Anyways, for some reason I haven’t had the urge to blog…a good chunk of my role models here have discontinued their blog and its a little disheartening. But it’s good to know that you’re back! Got a nice new blog and everything here! Yea, once school starts up again here pretty soon, I’ll most likely be on more often since I love to procrastinate haha. Quick question, since I know you are a literary connoisseur. I’m looking for a new book to read, something Poe-esque, you know something grim and dark. You wouldn’t know of any good ones, would you?

    • Ack. It seems like everyone we used to follow needed a little break, huh? When I got back, quite a few of the blogs I used to read regularly were taking time off from blogging. Honestly, the only reason I got back was because I missed the conversations we used to have, you know? That, and I needed a place to declare my undying love for Gaiman’s writing. :P
      I really hope you’re doing okay and stuff, how’s school going? And I hope you get your blogging-mojo back, fingers crossed. :)

      Poe-esque, eh? I’ve only read The Fall of the House of Usher, so I can’t say I’m too familiar with his work. Have you tried H.P. Lovecraft? I’m not much of a fan, but he gives me chills. If you want something lighter but still sleep-stealing, Stephen King is my go-to guy. Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber is brilliant – plus you’ll be blown away by her ability to craft sentences that are beautiful and creepy at the same time. Here. I also recently read Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children which was a surprisingly good read. Let me know what you decide to pick up, okay? :)

      • Yeah, everyone needs a break here and there I guess. But I totally understand though, it’s the only reason I come back time and again. It really feels like a home away from home when I’m able to come on here and write and share things that are on my mind. Yes, I’m doing great though! Thanks for asking :) I’m about to start up my last year of school, so that’s really exciting, being able to start a new chapter and everything! And thanks once again, I look forward to utilizing that mojo :P

        Oh wow! These are some good leads! Definitely have tried HP Lovecraft. His stories of cosmic horror are great. But only if you have a good amount of time to absorb the fullness of the plot. Bloody Chamber looks pretty interesting actually, I just might give that a look! Well, thank you Tanya for all the suggestions. I truly hope you are doing well…actually better than well. But you know what I mean!

        • I feel exactly the same way. :) Good luck for your last year and all that, go kick butts!

          Yup, you’re right about Lovecraft. I can’t read him when my mind is cluttered, I need to absolutely relaxed because he has this habit of blindsiding you, doesn’t he? We had to read The Beast in the Cave, I think it was called? Anyway. We were asked to read that for a class and that was my very first introduction to his work and I finished reading it pretty quickly and I just shrugged and couldn’t understand what the big deal was. And then I tried to sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about it because my English teacher is the brain-picking type and I needed to figure out why this was assigned to us and I ended up staying up all night because I finally realised something that chilled me to the core. Nothing overt, but I’ve since found that to be a recurring theme in the few other short stories I’ve read of his.
          Read Carter! And then tell me what you think. :)

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